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Job Location : Austin, Texas

Job Description :

Austin's largest RV rental business is hiring for the immediate.

RV Rental and Sales Agent: You could also look at the role a recreational consultant

-Inbound Calls and Onsite customer assistance for rentals and sales inquiries
-Customer service to renters throughout process (reservations, vacations, post trip check-in and close out)
-Orientate customers on how to use the rental RVs operating systems
-Communication via email, phone, face-to-face to generate as much money as you can
-Working with the team to make sure all is properly prepared for the customer's vehicle us
-Assist in managing the rental schedule and communicate with all necessary parties
-Diverse mixture of desk work, on-your-feet work, and even some on location work for RV events we deliver to.

Skills to do well:
-Humble , nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic
-Able to initiate opportunity and new business development
-Somewhat mechanically knowledgeable. Not a mechanic by any means but a general knowledge of how things work will go far.
-Good Manager of Time: We are an all-directional for profit RV endeavor. There should be little down time
-Comfortable around large vehicles and backing up trailers
-Customer and personal growth minded , Ego is not needed or helpful in this role. None of us know it all
-Prior dealership experience. Prior RV experience very helpful coming in--but not required.
-Calm and Patient attitude: We deal with families, in some cases, many miles away in distressed circumstances. Cadence, calmness, and a razor-sharp willingness to help are keys to the longevity of this role

-$18000-- Base salary
-Commissions on sales and rentals (this is where the most of your income will be derived)
-Flexible time-off schedule
-Employee discounts
-Small business family style work place
-Health Insurance Options after 60-days of employment
Income Expectations: 36000 - 55000 First Year.

HIRING MANAGER: Kurt West      P: 512-294-2634         E:

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